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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 15, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PST

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>> zbluig new delegates emerge can. when was all over, 20 children and seven adults were dead. gunman killed himself. i'm gregg jarrett. this is a brand-new hour.
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>> heather: i'm heather childers. news conference that wrapped up moments ago. chief medical examiner saying that many of the victims were killed by multiple close range gunshots. here is new picture of the suspected gunman, adam lanza and friends and family describe him as a stranger and a loner. law enforcement sources say he suffered from a multiple or personality disorder. now, the families of the victims shattered community and grief-stricken nation are coming to grips today with this horrific tragedy. as police say they are closing in on what possibly caused the gunman to force his way into that school yesterday and open fire before turning the gun on himself. town officials ask for privacy and respect for the victims' families. >> newtown has suffered a horrendous tragedy. our wound is deep because we are close-knit community.
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we truly care for each other. we are coming together with love and supported for those families who have suffered this terrible loss. we are strong and caring place. we will put our arms around those families and around each other. we will find a way to heal so that all of our residents, young and old will again find peace. >> heather: molly is live with the very latest. >> reporter: as you might expect listening to the press conference and information from the state medical examiner's office is disturbing. as you mentioned each of the children and the adults that were killed suffered multiple gunshot wounds all over their bodies. there wasn't a particular body part that the medical examiner was hit in any of these particular cases.
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only a few were killed at close range. it was a horrific scene and perhaps the worst he has scene and comrades have seen. to work throughout the night well into the dark as to help bring closure to identify each of these children and their teachers and people that worked at the school and be able to offer the families knowledge of their loved one in the building. take a listen. this is the chief medical examiner. >> everybody's death was caused by, everyone that we have completed so far was caused by gunshot wounds. obviously the manner of death on all these cases is homicide. >> reporter: authorities also released the list of names and birth dates. we're till still looking at that list. majority of the children on the
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list appear to be girls and most of the children were born in 2005 or 2006. there are the names of the adults that were killed were released, as well. we're working on compiling all those names when we can here in the few moments. part of the thing that made this so disturbing. state medical examiner what the kids were wearing. average outfit you expect to be wearing when they head off to first grade. majority of the children were in the first grade and then lieutenant who brought us so much information gave us a few more details and clarified a few of the things that have been released. when it comes to the weapons, initially it was reported there were two weapons found inside the school and then federal authorities said there were three. he couldn't clarify and he was working to do that tomorrow. as far as an altercation concerned there were reports that the alleged shooter, adam
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lanza had gone to the school the day before. there was some sort of altercation. the lieutenant said there is no information regarding that altercation. he doesn't have any information about that actually occurring. also the mother nancy who was shot there were reports that she worked at the school. the lieutenant says that doesn't appear to be the case. >> heather: thank you very much. >> gregg: according to police, suspected school shooter adam lanza gunned down his own mother before heading to school. new reports revealing that investigators have not been able to find any link between nancy lanza and school in newtown. joining us on the phone is nancy's neighbor rhonda collins. thank you for taking a few moments. i understand you live about a block away. did you see her often and encountered her occasionally. what can you tell us. >> when she first moved into our
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neighborhood i think it was probably around 1998. she joined a group, we got together each month and played on social level. so i kind of knew her from that. over the years we stopped playing and occasionally run into her at grocery store. >> gregg: she was a pleasant person? >> she was, very friendly and one of the neighbors. a regular person. she was just one of us. very nice and friendly. >> gregg: what about adam lanza, did you ever see him? >> no, i don't remember meeting her boys or her husband. we would see her at. >> you were at municipal center when all of this unfolded yesterday. as i understand it it then went into lockdown. what happened? >> reports started coming in about there had been a shooting
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at sandy hook school. someone came out and rhonda, where are your kids, they were at home. they went to sandy hood grade school when they were young and they were in college and finished finals. i ran to my friends that were helping me. and start praying there has been a shooting. they started locking down the doors and bits and pieces kept coming through. trying to figure out what was happening. maybe they thought there was a second shooter, that is why they went into lock down. what he would be dealing with. one of the guys came out, i just called and had the family lock my doors. i called my family, lock your doors. they were searching our neighborhood in case there was somebody who had come back over this way. >> gregg: since your son went to
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the school you know some of the teachers there? >> they haven't been at sandy hook for eight years, but in the eight years my kids went there, i volunteered there a lot. i was there almost daily helping out with the different classrooms and publishing center. i my many of the staff that are still there and teachers. it was very nice environment. nice school, everybody knew everybody. we all looked out for everybody. it's heartbreaking to see what has happened there. >> gregg: rhonda cullens our condolences to everybody there in newtown. >> i appreciate all of your prayers. >> heather: word of the shooting sending shock waves through the quiet community of newtown where just about everyone knows someone. here is more from friends and
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neighbors. >> parents' worst nightmare saying your child is not coming home. when they first came home from school, give them the biggest hug i could. i'm grateful that she is here. our hearts go out to the families. >> when we were at school, we were told sandy hook school and we had to go to lockdown. i could think, was my old school. i have many friends there. i was terrified because i didn't know what was going on. they said an incident and an emergency situation. >> couple months ago we had trick-or-treat in our town and... .
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>> heather: so close to christmas and in the middle of hanukkah, some people are taking down decorations, telling reporters they feel guilty about celebrating the holiday. that is understandable. >> gregg: out of this tragedy, countless heroic stories from staff members. several of them sacrificing themselves in an attempt to save the lives of the students. teachers quickly reacting the moment they heard the first shots. many of them locking classroom doors and hiding children in bathrooms and closet. one teacher reading stories to keep the kids calm. another teacher was 27-year-old victoria soto, a young first grade teacher who died saving her students.
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colleagues also set said the principal never hesitated a moment as many teachers ran into the hallway straight for the gunman. that move ended up costing her her life. the library clerk says they would not open up the doors until they were absolutely sure it was safe. >> we didn't know, we wouldn't let them in at first. they had someone call us and put a badge under the door and that is when we moved the file cabinets and let the kids out. >> to honor their bravery. >> tragedy in newtown raising serious questions about school security. state police confirming that the gunman was not voluntarily let into the sandy hook school. instead he forced his way in. moments later he opened fire and police put out this dispatch
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call. >> caller is indicating she thinks there is somebody shooting in the building. front glass has been... >> heather: officers recovered three weapons including a bushmaster semi-automatic rifle and two handguns.
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joining us now on the phone is bill daily, a former f.b.i. investigator and senior advisor for control risk security. thank you so much for joining us. i want to began with the school security there at sandy hook. the principal apparently having initiated herself additional security measures at the scene. how might this incident change on a national level the way that school safety should be implemented? >> it is very tragic that incidents like this much like every other security incident moves toward a continuum where people are thinking a little different about security. it sounded to me that the school had put a buzzer system and locked down the door, it sounds prudent. now, we know or believe this perpetrator broke through the glass and made his way in.
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the whole idea of security is just provide some delay. any person intent on getting into a facility will get there. we wanted to delay that activity to give more time for police to arrive. i think what they did up in that school was very prudent for conditions. it opens up a national dialogue towards how we should be looking at schools no matter where they are. columbine was one indication of things that schools need to be looking at. i think after this, they will be looked at in more broad fashion. >> what it tells me, they tried to do everything they could to stop something like this from happening. can we ever do enough? >> we all would like to do enough and save every life there is. however, security can never be hundred percent. we are trying get to a point we
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are preventing adversary and delaying an adversary from getting to a certain point. for the time, to be asking what the school is doing and right for that type of school. now, we see dynamics have chged and this the type of incident we need to be looking at it differently. >> heather: you just referenced that parents all across the country watching this unfold, they have to send their little children to school on monday. "a", how do they do that and "b" what do they ask 'your schools about security? >> it must be very difficult. any small child off to school after what we saw what happened yesterday. one of the things that parents can do. they would like to do something
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positive to protect their family and loved ones. ask the question to the school, what are they doing. what are the procedures? could it be better? the activity by individuals, that is what this country is great about, individuals stepping up, individuals asking a question, individuals taking responsibility. i think it is what we have to be doing that. type of dialogue, if you are a parent the ability to understand what they are doing to protect your children, but maybe suggest ways they could enhance it. i think that is what people can do and make them feel better about sending children off on monday. >> as we speak to you, we are looking at horrible pictures. law enforcement did arrive first on the scene. parents, friends reacts go. what is your take on the tragedy in what happened in how you think law enforcement responded? >> well, i thought and i was listening to it and actually commenting on it on your channel yesterday as it was unfolding.
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i can tell you what i was hearing law enforcement did all what we expect them to do. local police arrived as quickly as possible. certainly the tapes are very encouraging, they were there very quickly. multiple agencies were in place searching the area around the facility looking for leads. within a couple of hours, they were going across state lines. they had this connection which was still unsure with hoboken, new jersey which turns out to be thes brother. so very quickly the law enforcement responded well. we would like to have responded before he got there but sometimes that doesn't happen. >> heather: the shooting took
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three minutes and affected so many lives. thank you so much. we appreciate your insight, bill daly. >> you are welcome. >> gregg: moments ago, connecticut state police releasing the names of the 26 people killed at sandy hook elementary school. all six adults were women. of the 20 children shot, eight were boys, 12 were girls and all of the children ages six or seven. >> heather: we continue to search for answers as the nation mourns this tragedy with the people of newtown, connecticut. one psychiatrist preventing these crimes is like trying to find a needle in a very large haystack. [ male announcer ] red lobster's crabfest ends soon. hurry in and try five succulent entrees, like ourender snow crab paired with savory garlic shrimp. just $12.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently. and introducing 7 lunch choices for just $7.99.
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i've been at this for a third of a century, it's my sensibilities may not be the average man -- but this probably is the worst i have seen. >> gregg: connecticut state policeman commenting on learning more about adam lanza. tragedy leaving many folks
1:23 pm
wonder if anything could have been done to prevent it. some experts are now referring to the shooting as a black swan event, an event so rare and devastating it cannot be anticipated. dr. andrew harper from the university of texas, finding somebody like lanza before they act is like finding a needle in a haystack. >> it's impossible to predict who is going to be the one that carries this out. >> gregg: joining us with more, henry cloud, author of "necessary endings." this is metaphor but there is great reference on the internet and journals of all kinds. do you buy this? >> well, i think you've got to make a big distinction between prevention and prediction. here is the logic of it all. reality is that people that do
1:24 pm
these things are mentally ill or they have social isolation, inability to connect. strained connections. some sort of dark side, but only a small fraction of mentally ill people or socially disconnected people end up doing something violent like this. so there is the problem. you can't predict who is going to do it. what we can do, this is what we need to focus on, what we can do we can prevent things from getting to this when we all have an eye on people that are mentally ill and that are disconnected and we need to reach out and we need to make slur they don't fall through the cracks. >> gregg: he was described as a loner, rather strange, had difficulty in social situations. he was devoid of friends. given those circumstances, do you see a connection here?
1:25 pm
>> you always see a connection there. it gets more confusing because you also hear other reports of people that describe him as a member of the class, the community and you see both. in many times because people are integrated on the outside into communities and clubs and circles of friends, the assumption is made that they are more integrated and connected on the inside than they really are. what happens is a lot of times they have a secret, dark in pain and confused or mentally ill side of them that nobody consistently getting close to to be able to recognize. that is why, for example, as a mental health professional, when we're up close and personal with a lot of people who are going through things, they make specific statements or threats. we know enough we can make the call and have them arrested. many times people don't have
1:26 pm
anybody that close that is hearing this stuff. >> gregg: they examined 37 deadly incidents involving 41 perpetrators, only 17% had a prior mental illness diagnosis. so there doesn't seem to be a strong correlation there. having said that the brother of the killer said that his brother was autistic and made have had asperger's. there is a big gap between a prior diagnosis and people that are struggling and undiagnosised, as well. the big pointed when there are friends and family and community members that you know, it's just not okay that they are disconnected in some way or withdrawn or hurt. we always have to pull them in and do as much as we can. >> gregg: parents are sometimes in denial about things like
1:27 pm
that? >> yeah, i'm a parent. i've got two girls. the normal teen or pre-teen scenario is you are always trying to bridge connections because they are trying to have the parts they keep away from parents. it's why we have statistics, even one or two family dinners a week we know is core related with a lot of bad stuff so parents know was the kids are thinking. nowhere their hurts are and where they feel sleighted by other kids. we have to stay close to their little heart, we forget and still be confused or wounded. >> gregg: it seems like it is happening so much. even the president pointed that out, and yet there is a study out that points out it's actually on the decline, these mass murder incidents in shopping malls and schools.
1:28 pm
the bottom line there are tens of thousands of schools in america. vast majority of them are quite safe? >> yeah, i read one report on the internet about how people are explaining it to parents. it's so rare. if you get the real statistic of how many children to go school and are safe, but the problem is when we do have something awful happen even to one child then that takes the hearts of every parent and every human into high alert. it's normal and natural for us to get more concerned about security. there are mentally ill people but there are criminal minds. we have hospitals for the criminally insane. it calls for a lot of vigilance for all of us. >> gregg: dr. cloud, thank you. >> heather: coming up a mourning
1:29 pm
nation looking for answers, any answers after the tragedy in connecticut. how will the families of newtown find peace. up next, the role that faith can play. father jonathan moore it's is here. even babies. chevron is working to stop mother-to-child transmission. our employees and their families are part of the fight. and we're winning. at chevron nigeria, we haven't had a reported case in 12ears. aids is strong. aids is strong. but we are stronger. and aids... ♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪
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>>. >> gregg: more now on our top story. the nation coming to grips on the incident. 28 people are dead including the suspected gunman's mother. 20 of them were children that were killed. according to the medical examiner many of them were shot close range multiple times. all before the shooting suspect identified as 20-year-old turned the gun on himself. the news sending shock waves in the close-knit town.
1:34 pm
here is how the terrible events unfolding. >> evil visited in community today. >> a call came into dispach. resources from all the state raced to that area as they converged on the school. [ siren ] >> children obviously were very shaken and crying. the police made them hold hands and told them to close their eyes. >> they have entire lives ahead of them, birthdays, graduations, weddings. >> my gym teacher said stay against the wall and everybody kind of panicking. >> there is no word, here is terror. >> doesn't even seem real. it does not seem like it is even
1:35 pm
possible. >> we all huddled and i kept hearing these booming noises. >> trying to figure out what is going on. >> the kids were terrified. they were terrified. they had just witnessed something. they were terrified. >> may god bless the memory of the victims and in the words, heal the brokenhearted and bind up their wounds. >> gregg: knew, as we try to make sense of this terrible, we go to mike tobin with the very latest. >> reporter: you mentioned how this is town small enough that everyone knows someone who has been touched by this tragedy. they are comingether to
1:36 pm
grieve. focal point for the grieving has become st. rose of lima catholic church. we saw people getting their arms around each other as they are trying to get their arms around what happened. bracing each other as they try to get through this tragedy. >> i don't know. i don't know what to do because we've never been faced with something of this magnitude. our focus is the kids. we have enough time dealing with it as adults, processing all the information but the focus is the kids and trying to get them through this. >> reporter: for obvious reasons the schools all went to lockdown as information came out and slowly and surely the kids begin to learn this was not a drill. >> all the kids who had siblings there were so worried and didn't
1:37 pm
know what to do. >> reporter: those remarkably little girls attempted to console their classmates and make them feel better. they just didn't have enough information. that being said. grief counselors have been sent to this town. volunteers from all of the neighboring states. there are two different sections of the grief counseling operation, one for adults and one for children. children section they put extra effort to try to take the edge off the kids. they have therapy dogs there and rooms filled with stuffed animals. on a bright note those toys have been sent in by people from all over the country. >> gregg: mike, thank you. >> heather: as the entire nation comes to grips with the shooting rampage in connecticut. newtown residents are searching for answers, really the whole country is while trying to cope with the tragedy and loss of 20
1:38 pm
young children. you so how were these residents begin to find peace again. father jonathan morris is a contributor and joins us now. how do any of us begin to make sense of this tragedy? >> if i were there, heather, my online answer would be a hug. my only answer would be to those that are suffering most deeply because there is no theological solution to this except heaven. except eternal life but that is not what these families are thinking about right now. a little bit those that were watching trying to find answers. let me tell you how i deal with this. when i look at such terrible abuses of free will like this. the first thing i do is cry.
1:39 pm
the second thing i do is to stand in awe of how much god much value the properties of freedom which is love. to value it so much he would risk a very small part of the population abusing it in way that would affect the little children, the least of these the most loved so gravely and deeply. i think god is with the families right now. he was with the children when they suffered and died and he will be with all of us as we decide to double down on love which is the only solution until we get to the heaven. >> heather: is that the answer to the question, if you believe in god, why would god allow this to happen because he did this free will? >> its great question. its real question, i wish i could say there was a perfect answer. but i do believe from the bible and from my own experience, that
1:40 pm
god does makes us a promise. out of every single instance of suffering and evil in this world he will bring out a greater good if we let him. it's not a promise that it will be immediate but it's a promise that he knows us, he loves us and he cares us. it's ultimate solution is being in heaven and eternity. loving one another and hugging one another and saying, we're going to double down on love. >> heather: right here at this time of year, christmas, hanukkah and little children excited about presents and gifts the time what is a time of hope, how do these families move forward during this time in particular? we heard families and residents taking down their christmas decorations because they feel guilty? >> that is understandable. we're not spiritual beings but
1:41 pm
we're emotional beings and we're spiritual beings. those three elements needs to be respected. i would never go in here is the theological solution. i would be there closely psychologically and emotionally and make sure their physical needs are met. neighbors bringing food over to neighbors and neighbors sending cards and gifts. we heard that from mike tobin people sending ted dpi bears. that is god's way of reaching out to those that suffer. you and me being the hands and feet of jesus. >> heather: what should other people say to their children? >> i think so many people have told me today through social media, what do i say to my kids. my suggestion would be, just be very clear and con concise about
1:42 pm
the things you know. you are not in danger right now. i will protect you. you can't protect perfectly but a parent can say to his child, i will protect you. secondly, you can say that your place of education is safe, clear simple answers. then thirdly, author those that do have faith, it's a time to talk about that. that this life is hard sometimes but we're on journey toward another life where everything will be wiped away. in times of tragedy, it's the core of who we are. it's a great time to reflect when things are going good, that is also reflect on who we are and core, which is my opinion, that god made us and loved us and has a great plan for us in the future. >> heather: at the same time we have an overwhelming sense today
1:43 pm
in particular and yesterday of evil in this world. sense of hopelessness. you can say to your child, i'm going protect you. you send them off to school and it's going to be okay. we have incidents like this happen. how do we deal with that? >> there is a deep and good question. as kids get older we have to explain, i can't protect you perfectly because there is evil. i believe that to be a supernatural power. we look at the one who inflicted this great crime, we can see something but it's a combination probably of mental illness, present of evil in his life and giving himself over to evil. thirdly the abuse of that incredible mysterious gift of free will. personal decision, we can help our children to recognize that they do not have to go down that path.
1:44 pm
they can make good decisions with the great gift of free will that god has given to them. >> heather: father morris, hopefully that brought comfort to people. >> gregg: people are trying to come to grips what happened at sandy hook school. we'll teak sfeek a mother whose daughter was inside that school and managed to escape the shooting. why do toys for tots and hasbro trust duracell to power their donated toys? duralock power preserve. it locks in power for up to 10 years in storage. guaranteed. duracell with duralock. trusted everywhere. is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release.
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>>. >> gregg: quick check. secretary of state hillary clinton is recovering from a concussion. she is rumored been fighting a stomach virus and fainted after becoming dehydrated. fox news has learned that president obama expected to formally nominate john kerry as
1:49 pm
the next secretary of state. sources say, it's basically a done deal. sources say kerry will be tapped to the post shortly, possibly within days. >> egyptians casting ballots on a draft constitution amid heavy security. islamist backed charter is causing a deep divide in that nation. >> heather: you are looking at scene at our nation's capitol, where flags are flying half-staff today. lawmakers leading in mourning the tragedy in connecticut. molly has more from washington. >> today in his weekly radio and internet address, he honored the teachers and administrators and students who were killed in the connecticut shool shooting. she described the murdered students as young children with whole lives ahead of them. >> our hearts are broken today.
1:50 pm
we grieve for the families of those we lost. we keep in our prayers the parents of those who survived because as blessed as they to have their children home they know their child's innocence has been torn by the way. >> molly: flags were lowered to half-staff in honor to those that were killed. usually the republicans would put out a radio and sbrchbt address but john boehner put out a statement instead after the school shooting, saying, quote, there will be no weekly republican address this weekend so that president obama can speak for the entire nation at this time of mourning. i join the president and all americans in sending prayers and condolences to the victims loved ones. janet napolitano says that department will provide, quote, any support necessary to state and local officials on the scene in newtown. >> heather: molly henneberg live
1:51 pm
from washington. >> gregg: coming up inform new york city mayor that help lead the country through 9/11 attacks responds to the connecticut shooting. an interview with america's mayor rudy guliani is straight ahead. [ male announcer ] red lobster's hitting the streets to tell real people about our new 15 under $15 menu. oh my goodness! oh my gosh, this looks amazing! [ male announcer ] our new maine stays! 15entrees under $15, seafood, chicken and more! oothe tilapiawith roastedegetab! i'm actually looking at the wo grilled chicken with portobello wine sauce. at pork chop was great! no more fast food friday's! we're going to go to red lobster. yep. [ male announcer ] come try our new menu and sea food differently and introducing 7 lunch choices for just $7.99. salad, sandwiches, and more.
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>>. >> gregg: welcome back. earlier today, former new york mayor rudy guliani that led the city during the 9/11 terror attacks spoke to jon scott. >> it's very hard not to feel the emotion like this. all the parents or even ones that aren't parents. necessity understand children and they understand to have these innocent chilled mowed down and the incomprehensible act. how does someone stand in front of a classroom and kale five or six-year-old. it completely is impossible for any vaguely normal person to understand that. >> this school apparently had done everything right. you cannot, even if they turned the stool into a fortress. >> in a community like that, they did more in a community
1:56 pm
like that i would think you would generally do. in a community one violent crime. this isn't a dangerous suburban or urban area. they had more security than any facts would suggest. the guy basically, shot his way in. should they have armed police officer there? nothing in the past would suggest that. having an armed police officer is disconcerting for the children. who wouldn't say he would have shot the armed police officer. this kid, two things about him. looks like he knew how to shot shoot. very good shooting in a very short period of time. it looks like he disturbed but smart kid. >> that is what everybody says. >> that is dangerous killer. >> gregg: rudy guliani.
1:57 pm
we are going hearing momentarily from the governor of connecticut dan malloy set to speak to the people of his state via television th from his office. we'll bring that to you live as soon as it begins.
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2:00 pm
>> heather: stunning new developments in the investigation into one of the deadliest shootings in u.s. history as police release the names of the victims to the public and they describe their injuries in more detail. hello, everyone. i'm heather childers. welcome to a brand-new hour, a hard day inside america's news headquarters. >> gregg: and i'm gregg jarrett. we're glad you're with us. the nation mourning the loss of so many young lives, 20 of the 26 people massacred at sandy hook elementary school, some as young as six. in a news conference wrapping a short while ago, the chief state medical examiner saying that
2:01 pm
many of the victims were killed by multiple close range gun shots. >> heather: shear a new picture of the shooter, adam lanza. police saying the 20-year-old forced his way into the school and contrary to earlier reports, lanza did have an assault rifle on him as he carried out the murderous rampage. >> gregg: all of this as the tiny and close-knit community of newtown, connecticut is just reeling from this tragedy. earlier today, the state chief medical examiner described what he called the worst incident he has ever seen. >> i've been at this for a third of a century and it's -- my sensibilities may not be the average man. but this probably is the worst i have seen. >> gregg: molly line is live from newtown, connecticut with the latest. hi, molly. >> hi, gregg. we've gotten a chance to look over the names on the list of
2:02 pm
the victims that were killed in this community. when you look at the list, it's largely children, 20 children, with names you see in classrooms all across america. charlotte, daniel, olivia, jesse, the youngest, a six-year-old boy named noah. the adults, the six adults were all women. the youngest was 27. the oldest, 56 years old. so this gunman went into the school early in the morning and killed women and children. the medical examiner, the chief medical examiner, having a third of a century of experience saying it's the worst he or his colleagues have seen. they worked well into the night to try to bring families closure and identify the victims, to complete their very difficult task and able to reunite the loved ones with their families that in the coming days will be planning funerals and memorial services as this investigation continues. the school is still an active investigation. >> gregg: we want to go live to the governor, dan malloy of
2:03 pm
connecticut. let's listen. >> indeed the people of the world weep for the immeasurable losses suffered by the families and loved ones of these victims. though we could all try when something as senseless as this occurs, there is precious little anyone can say to the families that will lessen the horror and sense of loss they feel. we could say we feel their pain, but the truth is, we can't. when tragedies like this take place, people often look for answers, an explanation of how this could have happened. the sad truth is, there are no answers. no good ones, anyway. we have all seen tragedies like this play out in other states and in other countries. each time we have wondered how something so horrific could occur and we have thanked god that it didn't happen here in our connecticut. but now sadly it has.
2:04 pm
so what can we do? as was no doubt the case last night, we can hug someone we love a little tighter, as has been happening since yesterday, we can show and share with each other the grief we feel for the children and adults who were killed and for their families and loved ones. we can speak about what's really important and what can wait for another day. there will be time soon for a discussion of public policy issues surrounding yesterday's events. but what's important right now is love, courage, and compassion. love as it has poured in from around the world. courage as it was demonstrated by the teachers and other adults in the school building whose actions no doubt saved lives. courage on display as it always is by our first responders. compassion as shown by people
2:05 pm
from around connecticut who have arrived in newtown wanting only to help. too often we focus on what divides us as a people instead of what binds us as human beings. what we saw yesterday were those bonds, that sense of community. in the coming days, we will rely on that which we have been taught and that which we inherently believe, that we have faith for a reason and that faith is god's gift to us all. those educators and those innocent little boys and girls were taken from their families far too soon. let us all hope and pray those children are now in a place where that innocence will forever be protected. may god bless you and may god bless those 27 people. may god bless their families and friends and may the pain their loved ones feel be some day absorbed by the love of all man
2:06 pm
kind. >> gregg: the governor of the state of connecticut, dan malloy, innocent little boys and girls taken from their families far too soon. he said there are no answers, no good ones, anyway. back to molly line standing by in newtown, connecticut. molly, i apologize for the interruption. we did want to hear from the governor, but provide us with am so of the additional details you've been able to glean at the scene. >> the unfortunate thing speak more to the tragedy and how horrific it must have been for these children and for these women that were gunned down in what really amounts to a massacre. the medical examiner saying they suffered multiple gunshot wounds, that this was a rifle that was used and in his words, the wounds were all over. in other words, there was no particular area of any particular victim's body that the shooter appeared to be aiming for.
2:07 pm
that many of the people that were gunned down had multiple gunshot wounds. the medical examiner saying he did seven of the assessments himself and that each of the victims that he anded had between three and 11 gunshot wounds with at least two suffering close range gun shots. when he was asked about how precise this gunman was, he said he couldn't really speak to that 'cause that was a difficult thing to speak to. he also wanted to make it clear that his job, essentially the paperwork was completed and these loved ones, these children, these wives, these mothers would be able to be brought back together with their families so the planning could begin for funerals and memorial services and the community could begin to come to grips with the grief they'll be suffering. so many of the people we've spoken to since arriving in this small community have been waiting to hear the names of all of these victims to find out if this was someone they knew or if it was a child of someone that they were close to.
2:08 pm
now those names are coming out tonight and many of the people here will be finding out if it's someone they know or if it's someone that means a lot to the people close to them. but the community has all come together and at this point, they have felt and feared that they would know someone and they all have been brought much closer together. gregg? >> gregg: i just want to clear up, did the news conference clarify the use, in addition to two semiautomatic hand guns, the use of an assault rifle? >> there were questions asked about the weapons because that's been a developing part of all of this investigation and throughout the day and last more than 24 hours, we've gotten multiple different stories from different law enforcement sources. some federal and some local here on the ground. we're trying to clarify that at the press conference this afternoon. that didn't really happen. we still have word that there were guns found inside the school, but the clarification actually became less clear
2:09 pm
really. he said -- lieutenant vance speaking this afternoon, releasing much of the information, said that maybe tomorrow morning they'd be able to clarify how many of the guns were there, how many have been fired, possibly the number of rounds, that sort of thing would become more clear. right now they're still working through that. >> gregg: all right. molly line live in newtown, connecticut. thank you. >> heather: there is no way to compare one heartbreaking tragedy to another other than maybe to consider its place in history. it's hard to conceive something worse than this scene you'll remember from april of 2007. a student killed 32 fellow students and faculty at virginia tech in blacksburg, virginia. it's the worst single act of gun violence in american history. the only school shooting that involved more fatalities than what happened in connecticut and so far for so many of us, today was also a reminder of this day on april 20, 1999.
2:10 pm
that is when the now infamous names, dill leancally bold -- dylan klebold and eric harris. that at columbine high school. we recall charles whitman, the engineering student and forger marine who killed 13 people and an unborn child and wounded 32 others in a shooting rampage from the tower of the university of texas. that was on august 1, 1966. his murderous rampage caught on tv camera. >> gregg: newtown, connecticut is a tight-knit community and how some of those who call the town home are speaking out about what happened and what it will take to get through this. >> yesterday he said my school is dead. the kids are still -- he said no, mom. the school is dead.
2:11 pm
mrs. hochsprung isn't going to be there and we'll all know when we go to school. so if my school for me is dead. i think in his way, it's never going to be the same. >> we are all a quiet little town that nothing ever happens. now suddenly we're in the record books, not because someone won the lottery last week, but for something else. >> we know so many people. i can't go to the grocery store without meeting people that might know and i just can't imagine what's going on in the stores now when people meet each other. we're going to be talk being this for years. the pain will last for years. >> we're going to come back. it will always be in our minds, just as 9-11 is always on our minds. i haven't felt this way since 9-11. but the town is resilient. we're going to come back and
2:12 pm
what can i tell you? >> gregg: the nation joining newtown residents in their grief today as well. >> heather: out of this tragedy we are hearing heroic stories of the sandy hook school staff, sacrificing themselves to save the lives of the students. and that includes principal dawn hochsprung, town officials say that she did not hesi hesitate , running into the hallway, straight fort gunman and lunging at him. he reportedly then shot and killed her. other teachers protecting their students by lobbing their classroom doors, hiding children to keep them safe and one teacher reportedly reading stories to the kids to try to keep them calm while another 27-year-old victoria soto, young first grade teacher, hid her students in a closet before the gunman killed her. sandy hook's library clerk described what she did once she realized her kids were in
2:13 pm
danger. >> we knew, i told them when we started on the intercom in the office went off, and then we heard scuffling noises and stuff and i thought somebody had hit the button by mistake and they were in the office. soy called down there and one of the secretaries answered the phone and said there is a shooting. and then you become aware. we started hearing the gun shots. so i yelled lockdown to the group in our room and i ran across the hall and told the classroom across it was a lockdown. the one across the hall from me. i think some of the kids were scared, but they're scared even when it's a drill. it's a scary thing. even when we have our fire alarm drills. when it goes off, your adrenaline starts going. it's scary for little kids. i don't think until we open the door and there was 15 state cops with these gigantic guns and federal agents escorting the kids out did they really --
2:14 pm
>> what was going through your mind in the closet? what the children were saying? >> if you have an idea of how long did it take? >> we didn't know -- we wouldn't let them in at first. so they were pounding on the door saying they were police and they had someone call us and they also put a badge under the door and that's when we moved the fire cabinets and started letting the kids out to them. >> heather: ho honor their bravery, hug a teacher signs are hanging throughout the town. >> gregg: the school tragedy drawing emotional reaction all over the country. parents can sympathize with those when lost their children in newtown, but as we all try to make sense of this tragedy, how do we explain it to our own kids? dominic with attend of the story. >> it's an extremely hard thing to do. you got to remember the kids across the nation were exposed
2:15 pm
to these events in real time through facebook. psychologists are saying parents really don't want to let their kids get carried away now by tweets and updates and advising parents to calmly explain the actual facts and start discussing the child's feelings and their fears as well. these are some of the typical questions you should ask. >> what did you think? were you ever afraid that that could happen at your school? well, what if it happened at your school? let me tell you what would happen, the teachers would step in. the police would be there. mommy and daddy would rush to the school or whatever and so don't be afraid to let your kid express and put words to and talk about what's already inside of them. >> despite what kids are reading on-line or hearing in the school yard, psychologists say it's still very important for you to consider the age and how much appropriate detail you give them. one child expert saying the younger they are, the more
2:16 pm
difficult that is for a parent to do. take a listen. >> someone of a young school age, they might not appreciate the permanency of death. is johnny going to be at the next soccer match, or when will i get to see him? so sometimes there might be repeated questions. they might have to talk about it for a period of time. let it go. come back again. >> gregg, also hard to deal with is the fact that the very young kids, this is the first time they encounter their own sense of mortality. you may need to explain to them that the replay of events they're saying on tv isn't a perpetual convenient where they're in an environment of continuous death. it may be why it's good to turn the tv off or it could trigger ptsd. or it's important say the psychologists that parents insure that kids don't develop a fear of going to school. psychologists saying they need to make sure that kids are in class on monday and encourage them that it is okay, that it's
2:17 pm
safe to go back to school, gregg. >> gregg: dominic in los angeles. thank you. >> heather: sadly, the massacre in connecticut is not the first mass school shooting. how it compares to other tragedies in the lessons that we may be able to learn as the nation grieves. cleans everything about the oral-b power brush is simply revolutionary. our unique brush head cleans in three directions with up to 50% more brush movements than leading sonic technology. oral-b power brushes. go to for the latest offers. erik harris
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2:21 pm
>> gregg: the shooting in newtown, connecticut is just the latest tragedy of its kind: we have seen, unfortunately, similar incidents involving armed, heavily armed gunmen like suspected shooter adam lanza. some wearing military garb. some planning, killing a large number of people. in 2007 -- excuse me, 2011, jared loughner targeted congress on your corner event in tucson, arizona. he shot and killed six people and wounded 12 others, including gabby giffords. last july, police say james holmes wore a bullet proof vest and other tactical gear when he opened fire inside an aura movie theater. 12 people died in that, dozens more were injured. and it was april of 1999 when
2:22 pm
two young men shot and killed 13 people inside columbine high school in colorado. dr. michael bad sun a forensic pathologist who joins us. do you see a pattern here? >> i think the pattern is young men, early 20s, not women -- this is largely something that young men do and they often have significant mental illness that has been undiagnosed and untreated. sometimes because they're functioning all right and they wear sometimes goth clothing. but the problem is this is unusual and even with the multiple numbers that you gave, 31 or 41 incidents, does usually involve one or two people. not a mass murder as here with more than five murders. >> gregg: to that end, will it be important, the autopsy of the shooter? >> yeah. the autopsy is going to be very important to determine. first they'll do a very detailed
2:23 pm
examination of the brain, microscopic and all that. but they'll also get toxicology to see if the individuals have been on any kind of drugs. drugs that were given by mental health workers because some -- there has been concern that some of the drugs given to depressed people can make some people violent and this happened with the columbine people. i think harris was on one such drug. whether that's a coincidence or not, we don't know yet. but the pharmaceutical drugs also have to be looked at to make sure they don't increase aggression in some people. >> gregg: now, it was reported that the brother of the shooter said he suffered from a particular kind of autism and a lot of people are understandably outraged at any connection, therefore. >> yeah. i think in general, there are so
2:24 pm
many people with autism and especially as burgers who are fully functioning. lot of doctors with asburger, they are very bright and whatever other empathy issues there are is being looked into. but i think that -- from what i've seen, absolutely no indication that people with autism or asbergers have a high incident of killing people, even one person than the general public. >> gregg: in trying to determine a motive here, there is a wide variety of it, i suppose, which can be exacerbated by any mental illness undiagnosed. it could be a twisted ego gratification that's derived from the ability to control and terrify mass amounts of people. >> yeah. and then to see your name in the newspapers or to leave a legacy in the newspapers that you know that people will pay attention to. this is the whole problem that you guys and me guys, too, are
2:25 pm
we concerned about copy cats? yes. when they see all the attention that's paid to somebody who has never had attention paid to them at all, can this trigger off some people who are on the very fringes of society? this is something that can't be controlled. this kind of episode is so rare and so unusual, that's why we're talking about it, that one has to be careful on what to do -- we don't want an armed state. if we have our children grow up in situations where there is always a police officer around protecting them, that also has its potential harmful effects. >> gregg: criminologist with the minnesota department of corrections has written a history of mass murderers in america and he said while mass shootings rose between the 1960s and 1990s, they actually dropped in the 2000s. 32 in the 1980s.
2:26 pm
42 in 1990s. 26 in the decade since. >> one of the things we have to be careful of, as far as deaths go, 'cause these are deaths, people, because of better medical care, the same injuries that would kill people in the '60s and the '70s don't kill people anymore. you get somebody to a hospital quickly enough and people who would have died from head injuries or bullet wounds in the '60s and '70s are convertd into assaults. that wouldn't have been any difference -- >> gregg: although this criminologist study focuses on the incidents, not the number of victims. so one wonders whether -- when it happens, it seems like it's happening so often and yet in the larger picture, perhaps not. >> that's right. but however, focusing on kindergarten, i did a search of kindergarten and first grade mass murders and the only one that i could find was bigger
2:27 pm
than this was a murder in kindergarten in the 1920s in bath, michigan, where a treasurer of the school board took a bomb and blew up the whole school. >> gregg: right. >> that's the only one which children were pointed at and were killed in this cruel way. most of these other murders are older people. not that -- it's its own problem, like college students in particular, but to take out your vengeance on six-year-olds. >> gregg: innocent six and seven-year-olds. >> i think the key to that may be in the relationship he had with his mother. >> gregg: all right. we may find more, doctor, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> gregg: heather? >> heather: okay. rye now we have some break news on this. a robbie parker apparently, the father of one of the victims in the shooting speaking out.
2:28 pm
let's listen in. >> that i've been seeing is i have two really good friends at home who have set up a facebook page to help raise money. i have seen the number of people who have commented and expressed condolences. >> can you describe what your daughter looked like for us? do you have a photograph? >> there is lots of pictures on emilyparker fund page on facebook. she was beautiful. she was blond, always smiling. (inaudible).
2:29 pm
>> here at the church last night there was a special meeting and i was given an opportunity to speak about that as well. in that, i just mentioned that the person that chose to act in this way was acting as a god given rights -- of his own free agency. that free agency is given to all of us, to act and choose to do whatever we want. and god can't take that away from us. and i know that that's something that he was given and that's what he chose to do with it. i know that god can't take that away. i'm not mad because i have my agency to make sure that i use it to do what i can to do whatever i can to one, make sure
2:30 pm
that my family and my wife and my daughters are taken care of and that if there is anything i could do to help anybody at any time anywhere, i would be willing to do that. >> heather: you've been watching a live news conference with robbie parker, the father of one of the victims in this deadly shooting. his daughter, emily, she apparently was just six years old. her birthday may of 2006. you heard him talking a little bit about what father jonathan morris talked about earlier, he saying he believes the shooter in this incidentis god-given free will for evil in this incident and he lost his daughter, emily, as a result. americans across the country having a hard time grasping the enormity of the tragedy in connecticut. sadly, this is not the first mass shooting of its kind. we will take a closer look at what we can learn, if anything,
2:31 pm
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>> gregg: here is what we know about the shooting tragedy in connecticut. the death toll is 28. 26 people were killed at the school itself. 20 of them are children. police say the shooter is adam lanza and he killed himself. all around this tiny close-night community, the town of newtown, connecticut, mourners from all over setting up makeshift memorials. mike tobin joins us live from newtown's town center. mike? >> gregg, if you look behind me, you may notice a few things, a flag pole in the center of town. the flag is at half-staff. something is missing. christmas decorations. the people here began to feel guilty about celebrating, so a lot of people elected to take
2:36 pm
their christmas decorations down. a small town like this, everyone knows someone touched by this tragedy. so they're coming together, a lot of times they're coming together at the local church where some of the makeshift memorials are building up. they're grieving together, trying to make sense of what you can't make any sense of and still at the same time, helping each other get through. >> our neighbor down the street lost a little boy, six-year-old. a good friend of mine found out that his son lost two kids on his baseball team. six years old. i don't get it. i don't get it. >> my best answer is stick together and support each other, that's why we're here. support each other. did i know anybody? doesn't really matter. they're kids.
2:37 pm
>> they're getting help from people outside of this community. grief counselors have come in from all neighboring states and set up in neighboring schools. one counseling for adults and another for children. a little extra effort in making sure the kids can be as comfortable as possible as they try to explain what they are going through. they have a lot of toys. they have therapy dogs and incidentally, those toys, stuff animals, things to make them comfortable, have been donated by people all around the nation. >> gregg: everybody's hearts go out to the folks in newtown. mike tobin live at the soon. thanks. >> heather: the nation coming together to support the victims of sandy hook in the school shooting there. a stream of mourners arriving at the school, leaving flowers in memory of the victims. there are tributes going on all across the country this evening. thousands of miles away, people in tempe, arizona, feeling the pain of this tragedy.
2:38 pm
they offered their con dellences at a clinic. they're helping focus on the good in such a dark time. >> we're here to show that there is still love, there is still kindness smear we're here to show our support. >> as a parent, you send your kids off to school and you give them kiss and you don't think that they may never come back. >> i hope and pray for those families, for that town, that city, that state, that they can somehow get through. >> there is nothing that makes it better. there is nothing that makes it better. but just know that the parents, that we're thinking about them. >> heather: with so many people still coming to grips with the enormity of this shooting, what have we learned, if anything f previous tragedy as soon as john is a police psychologist,
2:39 pm
assisted with the shootings at columbine. virginia tech, and aurora, colorado. first of all, thank you for joining us today. a day that is really hard to grasp for so many people across this country. but on april 20, 1999, you were on the scene at columbine. what, if anything, can we learn from that tragedy and apply it to the one that's happened yesterday? >> i think what we can learn is what these type of events do is they shatter the assumptions we have about the world. like somebody was saying earlier, you have an assumption that your children are going to come back alive. they're not going to be massacred. so when these events happen, they shatter those assumptions. i think what we learn is how do we rebuild that in a timely manner so folks can carry on. >> heather: what time frame are we looking at? from your experiences in the past with columbine, virginia tech, most recently the shooting that happened in aurora,
2:40 pm
colorado what, time frame are we looking at in terms of letting people rebuild? >> i don't think you can add a time frame. 13 years after columbine, and folks still struggling. the kids go off to college and they think they've handled it, then somebody says, you're from columbine, and they ask questions and it brings it up. what happens with each of these tragedies, like the shooting in connecticut brings up the feelings for folks, those of involved in the aurora and columbine and brings it up and you have to process it again. >> heather: you called this event too much, too ugly. what do you mean by that? >> when we're dealing with tragedy, the biggest thing that happens is too much, too ugly is what's happening. there is so much bad stuff, so much loss, so much grief, the heart and the brain has a hard time processing it. for like the responders here who have been through columbine and
2:41 pm
been through aurora, it's what we call too much, too ugly, too similar. that's where they're saying, here we go again. for the folks in connecticut, the law enforcement, the responders and families that they've never gone through this, what we call too much, too ugly, too different. it's like we've never expected anything like this to happen in our community. >> heather: what do you say to police officers -- as a police psychologist, what do you say to those first responders prior to something like this happening to possibly prepare them for what they may see and incidents that involve specifically young children? >> you know, you really can't prepare 'cause when you talk about something ahead of time, it's with your brain. then when you go in there, it's with your psyche and your heart. so pretty much what we try ask tell them is whatever you see is going to be registering inside and those are the images that are going to -- when you come out of that building, those are the things that you're going to see before you go to bed and kind of prepare them, what to
2:42 pm
expect so when thief these reactions, what we call intrusions, they don't start thinking this is abnormal. it's normal, but it's uncomfortable. >> heather: and the images, speaking of images that you've seen or will see, we all know the next images to come will be those 20 small coffins of these 20 young children ages six to ten who were gossamerslessly killed in this incident. how do you prepare us for that? >> again, same type of thing. kind of knowing what you're going to see and knowing that if you have children, you're going to kind of personalize it and kind of looking at how to make sense out of it. the difficulty is with the senseless killing, you can't make sense. you can ask why questions all day long, but you're never going to get an answer that will put it in perspective for you. >> heather: all right. thank you so much for trying to bring some perspective for us today on this difficult day for so many.
2:43 pm
thank you. >> thank you. >> gregg: right now we are getting pictures of two of the adult victims of the sandy hook school shooting. mary sherlock with her husband, mark. she was the school psychologist who worked at the school for 18 years. mary was 56 years old. lauren russo. she had just accomplished her dream of becoming a full time teacher after years of working as a substitute teacher. she loved dance, she loved the theater. lauren was only 30 years old. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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2:47 pm
>> gregg: police say they have found quote, very good evidence that will allow them to piece together a complete picture of what happened in newtown and why. but in a crime with so many young victims, what are investigators looking for right
2:48 pm
now? judge jeanine pirro, host of "justice" with judge jeanine joins us live from newtown. what would you be looking for, former d.a. and judge, what would you be focusing on? >> you know, gregg, as someone who has responded to these crime scenes of child victims, i can tell you firsthand that this takes an enormous toll on all of law enforcement. i don't care how seasoned the detective is or the crime scene technician. this stuff is everyone'sor. what they're looking for and what they have been look for is the number of shots to each of the child victims. they're collecting shell casings. they're trying to make sure that they have the forensics, any fingerprints, was there a second gun? was there unexpended shells or shell casings, and they trying at this point to essentially do a map of how this happened, how the shots were fired, from where, where were
2:49 pm
the children, and of the multiple gunshot wounds that we know happened to these children, or at least from the glock and the sig sauer, which child suffered the first shot and second. was it a spray of bullets? what was the type and the way that this execution of these children went down? this is a horrific crime scene. >> gregg: the other crime scene is the shooter's home. i mean, that may, in fact, in many ways in search for the answer of why, that may prove more profitable for law enforcement? >> yeah. well, i think give us more insight into what was done and what the scenario of how it was done. there are some reports that the mother is sleeping. we don't know if that was confirmed. was there a struggle? were there issues that anything can give us information in law enforcement. it could be something like a cigarette butt or an overturned lamp. it can be a letter. it can be some kind of a
2:50 pm
message. and make no mistake, this kid's hard drive, everything from his computer is being analyzed, looked at, cell phones, facebook. they will essentially, gregg, do not just autopsies on these little angels that were unmercifully killed here, but on a psychological autopsy of the shooter. what did he do? why did he do it? what does the toxicology tell us? was he on drugs or meds? there is a great deal of work that has yet to be done, even though the shooter is dead. >> gregg: his medical records, school records will also likely prove valuable as well. judge jeanine, thanks very much. you can catch "justice" with judge jeanine live from newtown right here on the fox news channel. we'll be right back [ male announcer ] red lobster's crabfest ends soon. hurry in and try five succulent entrees, like ourender snow crab paired with savory garlic shrimp. just $12.99.
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>> heather: the american flag flying at half-staff at the white house as the nation mourns those killed in the connecticut school shooting. president obama dedicating his weekly address to the tragedy. molly henneberg is live with the very latest, the reaction coming in from washington. molly? >> heather, our hearts are broken today. that's what president obama said
2:55 pm
in his weekly radio and internet address. as you said, he adopted the entire address to the shooting in connecticut and said the nation grieves for the families who lost loved ones. >> this weekend michelle and i are doing what i know every parent is doing, holding our children as close as we can and reminding them how much we love them. there are families in connecticut who can't do that today and they need all of us right now because while nothing can take the place of a lost child or loved one, all of us can extend a hand to those in need, to remind them that we're there for them. >> the flags are lowered to half-staff at both the white house and the capitol in honor of those who were killed. republicans in congress usually do a weekly address of their own on saturday. but not today. gop house speaker john boehner said there would be no republican address so that president obama could speak for the entire nation, quote, at this time of mourning. speaker boehner did say in a
2:56 pm
paper statement, quote, the horror of this day seems so unbearable, but we will lock arms and unite as sidss, for those how americans rise above unspeakable evil. let us all come together in god's grace to pray for the families of the victims that they may find some comfort and peace amid such suffering. there are some in congress calling for tighter gun control laws in the wake of the shooting. president obama said in that address today that the country needs to, quote, take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this. heather. >> heather: molly henneberg live for us from washington. thank you. >> gregg: so as we approach the evening hour, we're ending pretty much where we began, no real good answers as governor dan malloy expressed in his statement to the citizens of connecticut. the days ahead may change all of that. >> heather: will be very tough, especially as more information comes out about these tiny young, innocent victims.
2:57 pm
governor malloy also saying we move forward from here with love, compassion and courage. >> gregg: a lot of prayers along the way as well. we thank you for being with us on this difficult day, but our coverage does continue with special two-hour fox report with bill hemmer who is live in newtown, connecticut. he's coming up next. as the governor said, hug someone a little bit tighter today. bye-bye initiated. neural speeds increasing to 4g lte. brain upgrading to a quad-core processor. predictive intelligence with google now complete.
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